Shaping responsible and ethical research practices in the emerging field of digital health.


Our Mission

Conduct, support and disseminate empirical research to inform ethical digital health research practices


What is ReCODE Health?


ReCODE Health is here to support technologists, researchers, ethicists, regulators, institutions and participants involved in the digital health research process. Our value proposition is to increase awareness of ethical principles and practices from the earliest stages of technology design to the deployment of digital health research.


Our Vision

Elevate actions that inspire and promote ethical digital health research




For Technology Creators:

We offer assistance in developing Terms of Service and End User Licensing Agreements that don't conflict with Federal Regulations for protecting research participants. Researchers can then use your measurement product in digital health research.


For Researchers:

We provide protocol development consultation, education and decision-making tools.


For Participants:

We offer checklists to help you make decisions about participating in digital health research.


For Institutions:

We conduct risk analysis assessments with a goal of increasing awareness of the unknown unknowns that are inherent in digital health research.


For Ethicists:

We work with you to apply ethical principles to digital health research.


The CORE Platform by ReCODE Health

A key feature of ReCODE Health is the Connected and Open Research Ethics (CORE) platform. The CORE hosts resources in its Resource Library and provides access to experts via the CORE Forum.

The CORE Network

Join the CORE Network to connect with others who share an interest in the ethical design and appropriate review of research using MISST strategies.
Q&A Forum

The CORE Q&A Forum is where you can post questions or share your expertise by responding to a post.
Resource Library

The CORE Resource Library is where you can share policy and give/take snippets of IRB-approved research protocol and consent language.

Learning Center


Webinars featuring thought leaders and experts in the developing field of digital medicine features unique aspects of digital health research with ethical practices at the forefront.


Publications reporting our work are posted on the CORE publications page.


Announcements of
upcoming events


Access to the Building Research Integrity and Capacity (BRIC) modules and other resources designed to increase research literacy are available in English and Spanish

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