Digital Health Decision-Making Framework and Checklist Designed for Researchers

This checklist is intended to help researchers think through what technologies are appropriate for a study with respect to protecting research participants. The checklist was developed in consultation with researchers affiliated with the Society for Behavioral Medicine and other stakeholders who are interested in safe and responsible digital health research. We thank those who have contributed to the development of this checklist and welcome comments so that we can make iterative improvements.

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This work was developed by Camille Nebeker, EdD, MS, Rebecca Bartlett Ellis, PhD, RN, John Torous, MD, MBI licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License. 2018. To cite, please use: Nebeker, C., Bartlett Ellis, R., and Torous, J. (2018). Digital Health Decision-Making Checklist: Designed for Researchers.

Nebeker, C., Bartlett Ellis, R. and Torous, J. (2019) Development of a Decision-making Checklist Tool to Support Technology Selection in Digital Health Research, Translational Behavioral Medicine ibz074,

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