ReCODE Health

MPI: Camille Nebeker, Nadir Weibel, Alan Card, Anthony Magit  

Project Coordinator: Daniela Vital

The ReCODE Health center was initiated with funding from the UC San Diego Center Launch program. Our ReCODE Health team provides education, consultation and conducts cutting edge research on digital health research ethics. 

Mini Grant (CLVR + BRIC)/ BRIC Researcher Modules "Designing Research for Diversity"

PI: Camille Nebeker    

Project Coordinator: Daniela Vital

With support from the Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI), our team created a course to help researchers learn how to increase representation of diverse communities in their research. The course anchors the ethical principles of respect for persons, beneficence and justice with planning, conducting and reporting research. In addition,  learners are introduced to dissemination and implementation science to improve sustainable and scalable practices. 

Patient Engaged Risk Assessment (PEAR) Study

PI: Camille Nebeker; Co-I: Alan Card, Maryam Gholami, Eric Hekler 

Project Coordinator: Daniela Vital

This research applies our Digital Health Checklist (DHC) and supporting framework to increase understanding of risks associated with digital health. Stakeholders involved include institutional review board members, researchers and potential research participants to provide insights about possible risks and risk management strategies. Our team also examining how best to convey study information during the informed consent process. An outcome of this 3-year study is to: 1- develop a comprehensive digital health risks assessment tool and, 2- improve how informed consent communications lead to an informed research participant.

Ethical and Responsible Research (ER2) 

MPI: Camille Nebeker, Brian McInnis;  Co-I Nadir Weibel, Eric Hekler

Project Coordinator: Brittany Lewars

Our Ethical and Responsible Research (ER2) project is exploring how Human Computer Interaction (HCI) graduate programs integrate research ethics education. Through an extensive literature review, interviews and design workshops, we will recommend strategies with a goal of improving ER2 education.

Bridge to AI (ETAI Center)

Site PI: Camille Nebeker

Project Coordinator: Daniela Vital

The Bridge2AI Center, consisting of six cores focused on Administration, Ethics, Teaming, Standards, Tool Optimization and Skills and Workforce Development. We are co-leading the Ethical and Trustworthy AI module and will support four Data Generation Projects. More information can be found at:

(CLEAR) Study

Co-I:  Camille Nebeker, Brian McInnis, Eric Hekler

Project Coordinator: Daniela Vital

This bioethics research will develop and test strategies to improve informed consent specific to personalized algorithms. A human centered design approach involving prospective research participants will include surveys and design workshops.

Precision Nutrition Health

Co-I: Camille Nebeker

Project Coordinator: Daniela Vital

Our team provides consultation to the larger consortium on community engagement, informed consent and return of information. The PNH is an ancillary study of the All of Us Research Program. 


PI: Camille Nebeker  

Project Coordinator: Brittany Lewars

The goal of the AI Ready and Equitable Atlas for Diabetes Insights (AI-READI) project is to develop a multi-modal atlas of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) by collecting data from a diverse population, while simultaneously creating a roadmap for ethical and equitable research that focuses on the diversity of the research participants as well as the workforce involved at all stages of the research process (collection, curation, and analysis). Our UC San Diego team is co-leading the Ethical and Trustworth AI module in collaboration with colleagues at Johns Hopkins University. In addition, we are supporting the Skills and Workforce module in collaboration wiht MPIs Linda Zangwill and Sally Baxter. 

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