Mahzabin Tabassum, MBBS

ReCODE Health Alumni

Research Assistant

Mahzabin was born in Bangladesh and grew up in London, UK. She graduated with a medical degree (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, MBBS) in China. She was the only student completing her internship during COVID-19 from her hospital and was awarded the best intern doctor. She wants to pursue public health to support the healthcare system in the best way possible, especially after witnessing the pandemic closely in China. At the same time, she worked as an undergraduate research assistant at the Lianyungang Clinical Research and Translational Medicine Center. In addition, she worked at Southern California Research Center, as a clinical research associate, and she is eager to start working on research projects at UCSD.

Mahzabin has been involved with The Association for social advancement NGO, in Bangladesh since 2015, where she works for the betterment of underprivileged people in rural areas in Bangladesh. Her goal is to create a positive impact and establish a long-lasting effect on people’s lives.

In her spare time, she enjoys visiting new places and trying new food, watching anime or movies, playing badminton, and loves painting, and traveling!


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